What’s Next For Me, Part One

Hi everyone,
It’s been a month since I left NPR as part of a voluntary buyout. My goal at the time was to find a short-term project I could work on while finalizing my long-term plans. I’m very pleased to announce the first half of that goal: I’m joining the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University’s Journalism School as a nonresident fellow.
Tow Center logoWhat exactly does that mean? For one thing I’ll get to spend time with some of the brightest journalism students and professors in the country, not to mention the amazing fellows who are already part of the program. More specifically, I’m going to work on a project examining the intersection of broadcast news and social media during breaking news events, focusing on three case studies: The Gabby Giffords shooting, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing.
It’s going to be an exciting project; I’ve already begun pouring over thousands of tweets for each case study. My plan is to publish the results in late spring as part of an event at Columbia. I’ll post more details as they’re available.
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And as for my long-term plans? Stand by for news – at least for a few more days. :-) I promise I’ll have an update on that soon. -andy

2 Responses to “What’s Next For Me, Part One”

  1. Kathy Tobiassen says:

    Exciting news… I get to NYC from time to time… hope to make it to your event!

  2. This. Ohmygod. So perfect. In fact –totally not making this up– I was contemplating sending you a long heartfelt after you left NPR explaining that I hoped you would continue to push social media’s envelope’s outside edges while staying as accessible now as you were then. Saying this as someone who didn’t go to J school and more or less had to glean a digital journalism education from the conferences, tweetchats and livestreams, you’re insights, humility, humanity, approachability and accessibility has shaped how I tell stories and share news. In other words…um…er…thanks for not selling out!!

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