Goodnight Newsroom

Goodnight Newsroom

Goodnight Tom Moon
Good night Bob Boilen signing off with Tom Moon

Goodnight scripts
And that meeting at noon

Goodnight acts
Goodnight tracks

Goodnight Ms. Block
And goodnight clock

Goodnight mics
And goodnight “likes”

Goodnight little booth
And goodnight truth

Goodnight Scott
And goodnight mugs

Goodnight room tone
Goodnight plugs
And goodnight Science Desk
Covering drugs

Goodnight studio
Goodnight air
Goodnight listeners everywhere

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  1. Shava Nerad says:

    This made me smile so warmly — I had a total flashback to my office at WFCR, late at night, back working for Bob Goldfarb end of the 70s… one green glass shaded lamp.

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