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January 22, 2009

Gigapan Photo of the Inauguration

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I was hoping to take a Gigapan panorama photo of the Inauguration but unfortunately my credentials weren’t good enough to set up a tripod. Fortunately, photographer David Bergman had the right credentials, and took this extraordinary photo:

The entire photo is nearly 1.5 gigapixels in size. Be sure to zoom in closer and closer to experience the full effect. Learn more about how David took it on his blog or check out the full screen version on the Gigapan website.
Congratulations on getting the photo, David. I’d really hoped to do it myself so I’m glad at least one other Gigapanner got to do it. -andy

January 3, 2009

Comparing the Scale of Gaza & Israel to DC, Baltimore and New York

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As Israel’s ground troops enter Gaza after more than a week of bombardment, it’s worth spending a moment getting a sense of the geographic scale of the region, particular for those of us in the US who aren’t used to the scale of smaller countries.
First, here’s a map of Gaza and Israel. Gaza is in the bottom left corner of the map, surrounded by the small red border, and Jerusalem is near the top right. The larger red border on the right side represents the demarcation between Israel and the West Bank. The image was taken in Google Earth at an altitude of 125.19 kilometers.
Next, let’s look at the DC-Baltimore area at the same scale. DC is near the center of the map, while Baltimore is near the top right of the picture.
Last, we’ve got the greater New York City area, also taken at the exact same scale of the Gaza and DC maps. Manhattan is in the center left, while the western end of Long Island dominates the rest of the image.

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