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June 23, 2008

Chuck DeFeo on the Wisdom of John Adams

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Notes from GOP strategist Chuck DeFeo, in which he invokes John Adams’ writings on freedom of the press and how his word are more true than ever before. -andy


Arianna Huffington: New Wine vs. Old Wine

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My notes from Arianna Huffington’s talk at the Personal Democracy Forum. -ac


Clay Shirky on Collective Action

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Here are my notes from Clay Shirky’s presentation at PDF2008 today. Much of the talk was actually inspired by a blog post of mine two years ago about the Belarus Ice Cream Flash Mob. -andy


Arianna Huffington, Matt Stoller and a Quick Qikstream

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NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday conducted an interview with Arianna Huffington and Matt Stoller at the Personal Democracy Forum conference earlier today, and I tagged along to shoot a live mobile stream of it. Here’s the archive of the interview:

June 20, 2008

Discussing Twitter, Liveblogging and Journalism at the Guardian in London

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For those of you wondering why I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks, I was in London with limited Internet access (stupid US phone doesn’t work there) and then moved into our new house. I’ll talk about the move later, but for now I wanted to share the podcast that was recorded of the event I attended in London, hosted by The Guardian newspaper. The event was part of a two-week series of forums on the future of journalism, and it focused on how real-time publishing tools like live-blogging and Twitter are actually tools for generating conversations journalism and how to make journalism better. It’s 90-minutes long, but if you’re interested in the subject, it’s worth a listen. You can hear it by playing the streaming media file below or downloading the of the event.

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June 3, 2008

Save the Whales, Twitter!

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Those of you who are Twitter users like I am are probably just as frustrated with the number of crashes they’ve been having as of late. It seems like every other time I try accessing the site I’m greeted with their error message – a whale that’s being lifted by a flock of birds.


It’s gotten so bad, though, that some people are beginning to take it out on the poor whale. For example, my friend Keith Hopper had his own take on the whale art, with his version featuring the aftermath of the whale being dropped by those birds. This got me thinking about depictions of whales in art, which led me to mock up these alternative versions of the Twitter error message:
Twitter is Over Capacity I
Twitter is Over Capacity II

Seen any other creative interpretations of the Twitter whale? If so, please tag them twitterwhale on Flickr,, technorati, etc so we can follow along. Meanwhile, hopefully Twitter will get its act together and make these crashes a thing of the past, so the poor Twitter whale can fly off with his avian friends in peace and harmony. -andy

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