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February 19, 2008

Unveiling My $17 Burger at the LA Biltmore Hotel

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February 13, 2008

The Funniest Spam Ever: Bugabike

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Bugabike Promo, originally uploaded by andycarvin.

Usually I don’t waste time perusing my spam box in too much detail, but I had to pause and chuckle at this one. It claims to be from a PR rep from the company that makes a tricycle called a Bugabike. For some reason, the email’s sender is under the impression that I’m the editor of BlogHer:

Dear editor,

Could you please tell me who I should send my press release about the Bugabike to, in order to have possibly an article in your Blogher-magazine.
We receive a lot of e-mails with the comment that they have never heard about Bugabike before, and that is a pity.

Bugabike Promo 2

But it’s the images included in the email that had me nearly rolling on the floor. Take a moment to count the spelling mistakes and bizarre uses of the English language. My favorite line is “Bugabike was rewarded with NAPA 1st price for best educatif toy 2007 in the USA.” Mazel tov, I’m sure. And then there’s “Educatif for children, handy for parents.” Handy for parents? Does it change diapers or something?

And then there’s that girl, who seems totally uninterested in the Bugabike. I mean, she’s turning her head away from the bike, like it doesn’t even exist!

Anyway, best of luck to the PR rep from Bugabike getting covered in BlogHer. I’m sure their users would enjoy it as much as I did. -andy

February 11, 2008

Studio 4A: Inside NPR on Super Tuesday

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On February 5, I spent the better part of the night working at NPR, helping out with online coverage of Super Tuesday 2008. One floor above us was Studio 4A, NPR's broadcast command center. Inside, dozens of NPR staff worked to bring live coverage of the voting results, including making projections for every primary and caucus that night.

I spent some time visiting Studio 4A observing the action. I'd only planned to take some still pictures, but ended up shooting this video as well. Because I didn't have a proper video camera with me, the audio is somewhat embarrassing, but at least the visuals will give you a sense of some of the things taking place behind the scenes. Included in the video are Featuring Beth Donovan, Ken Rudin, Ron Elving, Ellen Weiss, Robert Siegel, Michelle Norris, Mara Liasson, EJ Dionne, Scott Simon, David Folkenflik, Andrea Seabrook and Nina Totenberg, among others. -andy

Formats available: mp4, iPod, Mobile, Flash

Anonymous Protest Scientology in Washington DC

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Footage I shot for Rocketboom at the Washington DC protest against the Church of Scientology by the group known as Anonymous.
Formats available: mp4, iPod, mobile, Flash

February 8, 2008

Amy Winehouse and Media Concentration:
Why Going Back to Black in the US Radio Market Ain’t Easy

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This morning I was listening to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition by Rob Gifford talking about British soul singer Amy Winehouse, who is nominated for more Grammy awards this year than any other female artist. The bulk of the story focused on how Winehouse and her runaway hit album, Back to Black, has paved the way for new wave of young women songwriters with a decidedly retro outlook, harkening back to the glory days of Motown. But then it took a twist I wasn’t expecting: the impact of media concentration on musical diversity and the US racial divide.


February 7, 2008

Double Dose of Twitter, Super Tuesday Style

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Here’s a pic of my set-up as I was Twittering from NPR Tuesday.

February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Election Returns, Courtesy of Google

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Following Super Tuesday Results on Twitter

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Tonight’s going to be a busy night for Twitter users, with more than 20 states voting in the biggest Super Tuesday primary in US history. Twitter use has spiked during major election events, like debates and the Iowa caucuses, so tonight should be even crazier. Thankfully, the folks who run Twitter just moved their servers to a new ISP, so hopefully they’ll withstand the crush of tweets once the first polls close at 7pm ET tonight.
If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, I’ll be tweeting from NPR headquarters into the wee hours of the morning, monitoring the results with the rest of the Super Tuesday team. I’ll be posting official precinct results, as well as whenever NPR makes the call for a particular primary using nprnewsblog, while I’ll use my acarvin Twitter account for more general observances. I’ve set also up a Twitter account called SuperTweetday. All Twitter users are invited to reply @SuperTweetday to share stories about what’s happening locally in their voting precinct at the polling stations, as well as observations on the results. These posts will then be automatically to the SuperTweetday account, so if you follow it, you’ll receive everyone else’s comments.
Meanwhile, you should check out Twitter accounts Supertuesday, which is already covering election activities now that the polls are open, and IVoted, which invites people to tweet their votes @IVoted to share them with other users.
It’s gonna be a fun night. Hold on to your hats, and keep your fingers crossed that the system doesn’t come crashing down…. -andy

February 4, 2008

Attention Political Podcasters: Wanna Contribute to NPR’s Weekend Edition?

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Yesterday, NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday put out a call for political podcasters – audio podcasters as well as vloggers – under the age of 30 to serve as contributors to the show. They’re looking for young people from across the political spectrum to participate. Here’s the announcement that went out on air, drafted by yours truly:

Are you a podcaster under 30 who’s passionate about Election 2008? Weekend Edition Sunday wants to hear from you!
We want a diverse group of podcasters to tell us how the election is playing out in their areas. Tell us why you’d be a good choice.
Send us an e-mail with details about yourself and your interest in the election. Please put “WESUN Podcaster” in the subject line. Be sure to include links to your previous podcast work.

Once we figure out which podcasters will be contributors to the show, our plan is to set up a blog that will serve as the home base for their stories through the rest of the election cycle. They’ll also be airing some of the podcasts as on-air commentaries as well. So if you’re a young podcaster with insights on Election 2008, please send us some samples of your work and audition for the project. -andy

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