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August 31, 2006

Almost Ready to Leave Boston

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A final look at our Boston apartment before hitting the road late Wednesday afternoon. We only made it to Sturbridge, MA that night, but managed to get to the Delaware Valley by the end of today.


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A short video I shot as we were beginning to pack our Boston apartment on August 29th.

August 30, 2006

Wolfmother Rocks the House

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Right now I’m at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore and Wolfmother is rocking the house. By far the heaviest power trio in 30 years, these guy have become my favorite band. I shot some pics and video during the first two songs but there’s no broadband to upload them. Oh well better enjoy them while they’re still on stage….. -andy

Still Packing….

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A Blurry Mess

Originally uploaded by andycarvin.

Still packing like mad this morning. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to hit the road in three or four hours. Maybe.

Anyone want to place bets as to how far we’ll get today? I’m hoping we’ll make it to at least Bridgeport, CT. At this rate, though, we may be spending the night in Massachusetts.

August 29, 2006

Andy’s Apartment Layout Meme

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Andy's Apartment Layout Meme

Here’s the layout of our new apartment. Wanna help us figure out where to put stuff? Upload a new copy of this picture to Flickr, tag it apartmentmeme so we can all follow along, and add some notes to the picture to identify where everything should go. Consider it a Web 2.0 experiment in Open Interior Decorating!
Among the key items:
  • Desk (5′x3′)
  • TV and entertainment center (4′x3′)
  • Coffee table (5′x2′)
  • Couch (6′x3′)
  • Cat Condo (2′ square)
  • Small dining room table (4′x4′)
  • Treadmill (7′x3)
  • Cats (1′ square and 1.5′ square)
  • Kayleigh’s crib (4′x2′)

Feel free to add some new items we may not already own if you think we should. Have fun! -andy

Kayleigh & Susanne Are Ready to Move

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It’s our last full day at our apartment in Boston, so I thought I’d check in with Susanne and Kayleigh to see if they’re getting psyched to hit the road. -andy

Sitting at the VW Dealership

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Right now I’m hanging out at the Boston VW dealership waiting to get Kayleigh’s infant safety seat inspected – figured it was worth getting a pro to look at it before we hit the road tomorrow.
Susanne is overseeing the packers, who started filling boxes around 8am. Winston is riveted by them, as he always is when people come to the apartment, while Dizzy has retreated to the solitude of the sun room. They won’t pack the mattress til tomorrow, so at least we won’t need a hotel for tonight.
Our dsl and cable are shutting off today, so if I can’t piggyback on a neighbor’s wifi, I’ll just have to use my phone, like I am right now. This particular post is being posted thru Dave Winer’s experimental YoMoBlog service, for which I’m serving as a volunteer beta tester. -andy

August 28, 2006

Moving Sooner Than Expected

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pile of stuff for the moveDue to an apparent miscommunication with our moving company, it seems we’ll be moving a bit sooner than expected – this Wednesday to be exact. The movers are coming tomorrow to help us pack our things, at least, so it’s not a total mad dash, but it’s pretty darn close. We spent the entire day running errands, sacking our closets and making lists. I think I threw out more industrial-size bags of garbage than I have in the last two years.
Currently we’re piling up all the various baby and feline-related sundries that need to accompany us in the car ride to DC. Our dining room table has turned into a mound of diapers, nursing pads, cat medicines, toy mice and the occasional five-megapixel camera. We may have to put yellow police tape around the pile to ward off overzealous packers. I just feel bad for the cats because they see their carriers and clearly think that they’re about to go to the vet…. -andy

Audio of Babies Crying

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Okay, some of you may wonder why I would post a podcast of babies crying, but there’s a good reason for it. Before Kayleigh was born, our veterinarian had recommended that we get an audio recording of crying babies to help our cats adjust to the cacophany before we brought our baby home from the hospital. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a recording anywhere that suited our purposes, so we brought Kayleigh home without prepping Winston and Dizzy. Thankfully they’ve been great with her, but it’s pretty obvious that they don’t like the crying.
Since we have several friends with pets who are expecting soon, we decided to record a podcast of Kayleigh crying. The audio is about a minute long, and actually features three separate crying tracks for maximum noise effect. So if you happen to be expecting a baby and are wondering how your pets may react to the sudden racket, play this podcast nice and loud for them. If you don’t have stereo speakers for your computer, I encourage you to burn the podcast to a CD and play it on a stereo. It’ll also help you get used to babies crying as well. :-) -andy

August 26, 2006

Art Mob at the Public Garden

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This afternoon I tossed together a two-minute piece for Rocketboom on an art mob that assembled at Boston’s Public Garden. At first I thought they were war protestors holding signs, but they were actually a group of photographers who were standing in a circle holding out large photos they’d taken around the garden. They decided to become a human gallery at the garden. Originally formed as a meetup group, they were asking garden visitors to upload their own photos to a virtual version of the gallery.
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