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May 25, 2006, Christian Coalition Unite to Save the Internet

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proposed ad layoutI never thought it would happen in my lifetime. No, I’m not talking about peace in the Middle East. I’m talking about and the Christian Coalition partnering to save the Internet.
I’d been hoping this would happen for months. A few years ago when the FCC tried to roll back the regulations on media cross-ownership, there was an amazing coalition of protesters ranging from the Consumers Union to the NRA. The campaign had many successes because it bridged the yawning gap between liberals and conservatives. We need the same kind of bridge to ensure that network neutrality on the Internet is protected.
So I was amazed when I received the email that and the Christian Coalition had teamed up on an advertising campaign to support network neutrality. They’re trying to get the public to donate money for a full-page ad (PDF) that would run in the New York Times. Internet providers, who are trying to get rid of network neutrality and worsten the digital divide, have been spending upwards of a million dollars a day in advertising, particularly in Washington DC, to get their way on Capitol Hill. While it may be impossible to compete with the telcos at that level, this new ad campaign is a heck of a step forward. All they need is 2,000 people to donate $35 each. I’m gonna go find my credit card as soon as I’m done writing this. -andy

The Day the Canons Went Silent

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Andy, lost with two Nepali women

Photo of me talking to a pair of young women while lost in a Tibetan neighborhood of Kathmandu in November 1996. Note my faithful Canon EOS Rebel G camera hanging around my neck. And check out that hair.

Sad news from the business world today…. Yahoo reports that Canon will cease manufacturing single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. For decades, Canon and their rival Nikon both made some of the best 35mm cameras in the world, but the extraordinary growth of the digital camera market sealed their fate, causing both of them to go the way of the dodo.
I suppose I’m partially to blame for the Canon SLR’s demise. For years, I was a loyal owner of a Canon EOS Rebel G camera, which accompanied me on my travels to probably 30+ countries on five continents. Between 1995 and 2003, it was the only camera I would use, from first trip to the Middle East to our Bali honeymoon. Then in the fall of 2003 I decided to buy a small Canon digital camera before a trip to Oman and Dubai. I think I’ve used the Rebel on only two or three occasions since, while shooting at least 20,000 photos on the three digital cameras I’ve owned since then. For years I swore I’d never abandon the 35mm format; even my first digital camera was a matter of packing lightly rather than making a permanent switch. But the ability to get immediate feedback on the quality of a picture was a siren who couldn’t be silenced; I could no longer resist the digital camera’s charms, even though I knew in my heart I was being an unfaithful cad to my beloved Rebel.
I hope all of you Canon SLR owners pause for a moment of reflection today. An era has come to an end. -andy

May 24, 2006

A Day of Out(r)age

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Video I shot for Rocketboom from today’s rally at the Massachusetts State House in support of community access television and network neutrality. The US House and Senate are considering legislation that would take away local oversight of cable franchise agreements, making it harder for communities to get cable providers to invest in community television and local efforts to bridge the digital divide. The legislation would also allow Internet providers to favor their own content and discriminate against content produced by others. This means accessing content that isn’t owned by the Internet provider could be slower, more expensive or both. Protestors argue that this is a violation of free speech and that the network underlying the Internet should remain content-neutral.

May 23, 2006

Dan Coughlin Discusses the COPE Act

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Dan Coughlin of Manhattan Neighborhood Networks gives an excellent summary of the COPE Act and how it would adversely affect public media.

Alyce Myatt, Public Media Activist

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Alyce Myatt’s presentation at last week’s public media meeting.

Public Media – An International Perspective

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My remarks at last week’s Boston public media roundtable, focusing on public media and the digital divide from an international perspective

Public Media – Fred Johnson’s Intro Remarks

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Video of opening remarks by Fred Jonson at last week’s public media roundtable in Boston.

May 22, 2006

This Wednesday: Day of (out)Rage

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On Wednesday I’m planning to take part in the Day of (out)Rage, a day of national protest against the COPE Act. For those of you who haven’t been following the debate on Capitol Hill, the COPE Act would allow telecom companies to ignore the basic Internet principle of network neutrality, letting them charge users more for complete access to the Internet, while peddling their own content instead. It would also take away local control of public access TV channels. And for those of you who are worried about the digital divide, the bill would let telecom companies conduct redlining, which is refusing to build out broadband access in low-income neighborhoods simply because the residents are poor.
In protest against this legislation, there will be protests in NYC, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. I’ll be at the Boston rally, which starts at 1:30pm in Boston at the State House grand staircase. To learn more, visit or listen to this podcast. -andy

May 20, 2006

Winston and the Baby Doll

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Winston, our orange tabby, meets his first baby doll.

Round and Round

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Video of Dizzy, our tuxedo cat, chasing himself in circles. No catnip was used to produce this footage.
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