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March 31, 2005


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I’ve been at a conference today so I haven’t had a chance to come up for any new material for . So rather than not contribute any video today, I figured I’d find some footage I hadn’t posted to my blog previously.
So, without further ado, here’s a clip I recorded in Mauritius last July of a dance troupe performing the sega, a traditional creole dance that blends elements of dance from Mozambique and India. Enjoy…. -ac

sega dancer
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TakingITGlobal Documentary Now Online

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Good news: the team at TakingITGlobal has managed to put its documentary, Local Voices, Global Visions, on the Internet, hosted at Click on the previous link; when you get to this page, click the play button on the video, and it will begin to download. It is a very large file – around 100 megs – but worth every byte. (You may recall I reviewed the video last week.)
Please set aside 45 minutes at some point to watch the video. It demonstrates the power of ICTs in the hands of youth, both in terms of the projects profiled and the making of the documentary itself…. -andy

March 29, 2005

SMS Text Messaging in the Gulf

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Today’s Wasthington Post includes a story by Steve Coll entitled In the Gulf, Dissidence Goes Digital. The article takes a look at the rise of SMS text messaging in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and how texting is allowing people to spread their political opinions. Here’s a snippet:

In this roiling political spring of protest and debate about democracy in repressive Arab countries, cell phone text messaging has become a powerful underground channel of free and often impolite speech, especially in the oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies, where mobile phones are common but candid public talk about politics is not.
Demonstrators use text messaging to mobilize followers, dodge authorities and swarm quickly to protest sites. Candidates organizing for the region’s limited elections use text services to call supporters to the polls or slyly circulate candidate slates in countries that supposedly ban political groupings. And through it all, anonymous activists blast their adversaries with thousands of jokes, insults and political limericks.

I’m planning to head to Bahrain and Dubai in May; perhaps I’ll be able to meet up with some local SMS gurus during my stay…. -andy

Thanksgiving in March

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This morning, Susanne and I heard some squawking noises outside our apartment in Brookline, two blocks’ west of Boston. At first I assumed it was Canadian geese, since we’ve been getting a lot of them flying through our neighborhood this week, but then I heard Susanne say, “Andy, come over hear quickly.”
I walked into our office, and there outside our window was a family of four wild turkeys, absolutely enormous birds, strutting across our neighbor’s lawn. Over the next few minutes they hopped across his fence, walked across the street (to get to the other side, of course), then hung out in the lawn of the Episcopal church until a Brookline animal control officer shooed them off, chasing them onto the church’s roof and to the other side, where they could hopefully wander in peace along the forested Riverway.
I managed to catch a few seconds of video from my office window; I had to blow it up by 75% because they were far away at that point, so please excuse the graininess of the clip.

click to play


March 28, 2005

Sri Lanka Tsunami Alert Called Off

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The following note comes from Angelo Embuldeniya in Sri Lanka… -andy

Sri Lanka’s meteorological department has withdrawn its tsunami warning and said it was safe for coastal residents to return to their homes despite a submarine earthquake near Indonesia.
Met chief P. M. Jayatilake said they decided to withdraw the tsunami warning as there were no reports of unusual wave activity anywhere in the neighbouring countries within the Indian Ocean. – this statement was released about 45 mins ago.

USGS Raises Estimate to 8.7; Possible Tsunami Towards Mauritius, Rodrigues, Sri Lanka

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CNN is reporting that the US Geological Survey has raised its estimate of the earthquake’s strength to 8.7 on the Richter Scale. The article goes on to say that a small tsunami may be on its way towards Mauritius. “We think this event probably ruptured to the south, with the beam of energy probably propagated to the south toward Mauritius and the Rodrigues,” said Robert Cessaro of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Additionally, the Sri Lankan government warns that a tsunami may reach the country’s coastline around 3am local time Tuesday, approximately one hour from now… – andy

Peter Tan Blogs the Quake in Real-Time

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Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi credits Peter Tan as the first blogger to capture the earthquake. “At the time of the quake, TV Smith, Daniel Tang and I were shooting the breeze at a coffee joint in TTDI,” Jeff writes. “We went helter-skelter for our blogs when MackZul broke the news to us.” But Peter beat them to their keyboards; his one-line post said, “My apartment is shaking now.” -and

Map of Tsunami Propogation Model

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The DMA Earthquake Alert Tool has a variety of data related to today’s earthquake. The site includes this model for the propogation of a tsunami, if it does indeed occur. – andy
tsunami propogation model

CNN Needs to Fix Its Priorities

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I’ve spent the last 30 minutes alerting as many people through as many channels as possible about the earthquake and possible tsunami off the coast of Indonesia today. I then turned on CNN to see what I could learn from them. They’re still covering the Terri Schiavo case. Shame on them!

Malaysian Bloggers Capture Earthquake, Warn of Tsunami

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Malaysian bloggers are mobilizing to cover today’s earthquake. Zack Zulkifli was perhaps the first to write about it; Jeff Ooi is also actively involved. You can follow more of this on the Global Voices blog. I have also aggregated news on my website. -andy

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