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July 1, 2000

Conferences, Conferences…

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In late June, I attended the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta. There I took part in the annual The Supreme Court is in Session roundtable, where I was privledged to join a group of leading edtech experts and debated all the latest controversies in the field.
In May I had the honor of presenting the keynote address as the NYU Third Act edtech conference in Manhattan. In my speech, Beyond Access: Bridging the Digital Divide, I addressed my concern that the public debate dwells only on the issue of Internet access, while rarely discussing the need for improved literacy skills and better content for underserved communities.
A few other quick conference mentions: In February, I presented in San Diego at SITE 2000, which focused on technology and teacher education. I presented a session on the digital divide with Ferdi Serim of the Online Internet Institute. A few days later, I attended the CoSN annual conference here in DC. I hadn’t planned to present at the conference but I ended up moderating a session on digital TV. On April 10, I lost my voice after speaking at two meetings: the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science and the National Press Foundation conference. Both presentations, to no surprise, dealt with the digital divide. And in my first international business trip, I flew up to Toronto to deliver two speeches at ECOO 2000, run by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. As for my next public presentation, it’ll be at the Mid-America Technology Institute in Kansas this August.

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