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May 29, 1998

Carvin is no stranger to crazed death plots…

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“Carvin is no stranger to crazed death plots…”
- New York Daily News, May 26, 1998
Don’t ask why; just accept the fact that they printed it and that it had nothing to do with me personally… -ac

May 4, 1998

new travel journal website, request for stories

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Hi everyone… It’s my pleasure to announce the premiere of my latest website, Southeast Asia Diary: Tales of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. It’s an online journal of my November visit to these countries, along with brief stops in Burma and Hong Kong. The site features my entire travelogue of the trip, scores of photos, and even a few RealAudio files I recorded along the way. You can visit the site at

I’m also in the process of finishing a companion website called From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories from the Cambodian Holocaust. It’s a history of the suicidal Khmer Rouge regime of 1975-1979, the political and social events that led to the genocide, and the stories of survivors and others. The website will also include study questions and lesson plans for teachers interested in including the Cambodian genocide as part of high school world history or holocaust studies curricula. I hope this site will be ready during the summer. A major aspect of the Sideshow website will be to include stories of people who lived through the events of 1970s Cambodia.
I’ve already collected several moving personal accounts of Khmers who escaped the slaughter, but I’m also interested in including other perspectives: Americans who took part in US campaigns in Cambodia, people who protested the action back at home, or anyone who remembers the period and has strong impressions of the events in Cambodia. If you happen to be one of these people (or know someone) and would like to contribute a story to the website, please send me an email at

May 1, 1998

A Keynote in the Ozarks

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I recently delivered the keynote for the annual Community Information Networking conference in Osage Beach, Missouri. My presentation was entitled Rethinking Community Networks as Networked Communities. It focused on the current state of community networking, how it’s affected by trends in the telecommunications industry, and things to consider if community networking is going to make a long-term impact. Feel free to check out the slides from my speech as well.

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