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December 15, 1995

More than Just Hype: The World Wide Web as a Tool for Education

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Over the last two years, the World Wide Web has established itself as a primary means for informational exchange and multimedia presentation on the Internet. Developed in 1989, decades after early technology visionaries first articulated the notion of distributed hypertextual media, the Web now plays an integral part in many areas of modern telecommunications. Its educational uses, however, are only beginning to become apparent. The Web offers an excellent environment for interactive learning, publishing, exploring and discussion. Successful prototypes of these environments are now be found through the Internet.


December 5, 1995

WWWEDU returns – thanks!

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Hi everyone. About six weeks ago, I posted a message on edtech in regard
to the loss of the listserver I used for my list, wwwedu, or the world
wide web in education. Within 24 hours of my posting, I received over a
dozen offers from edtech readers who were willing to host wwwedu on their
server. We’re now back up and running at and
we’re also in the process of recreating our hypermail archive to the list
as well.
So, for all of you on edtech who offered their support and/or best
wishes, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for it. I
believe it’s Stephen Collins’ signature file that used to say Give Back
to the Net – and when this one problem came up, many of you offered to do
just that. Nothing like a list with a sense of civic duty. :)

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