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October 14, 1994

RFC: Check out the EdWeb WWW!

Filed under: Edtech — Andy Carvin @ 8:38 pm

Hi everyone. For the last several months I’ve been making posts concerning
an on-line education resource guide I’m writing. We’ll, the prototype is
finally on-line. It’s called EdWeb and it can be reached at:

This is a temporary site, so I’ll repost in a week or so when it’s
I’d like as many people as possible to look around and send me feedback.
EdWeb is an on-line tutorial on education reform and the Information
Highway. It also has a large k12 online resource guide (a hypertext
version of the one I’ve posted). EdWeb is meant to be an evolving
hyperbook, so all comments will be taken seriously. I’m especially
interested in n comments on the reform sections – I want to include as
much info as possible (without taking any sides, of course), so any
additional info would be great.
Hope you enjoy EdWeb. I look forward to hearing from you.

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