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January 22, 2009

Gigapan Photo of the Inauguration

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I was hoping to take a Gigapan panorama photo of the Inauguration but unfortunately my credentials weren’t good enough to set up a tripod. Fortunately, photographer David Bergman had the right credentials, and took this extraordinary photo:

The entire photo is nearly 1.5 gigapixels in size. Be sure to zoom in closer and closer to experience the full effect. Learn more about how David took it on his blog or check out the full screen version on the Gigapan website.
Congratulations on getting the photo, David. I’d really hoped to do it myself so I’m glad at least one other Gigapanner got to do it. -andy

November 13, 2008

Fall Forest Canopy

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Gigapan photo (360 megapixels, give or take) of my backyard, taken straight upwards, among some of the 20 trees on our property. Taken just before a storm came in and removed the vast majority of leaves that were still remaining on the trees. Zoom in by clicking on the picture and try to identify each tree by its leaves.

Backyard in the Mist

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I took this 370-megabyte panorama photo of my backyard today using the Gigapan robotic camera mount. Click the picture to keep zooming closer and closer to see the full resolution.

September 11 Memorial at the Newseum

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Here’s a high-res panorama photo (250 megapixels) I took of the Newseum’s 9-11 Memorial. Because the panorama is taken as a series of dozens of photos that later get stitched together, it causes an eerie effect, with people moving around within the photograph. Click the picture and zoom in – you can actually read the headlines on the newspapers in the background.

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