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November 19, 2004

At the UN ICT Taskforce Meeting in Berlin

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It´s early afternoon in Berlin, and the UN ICT Taskforce meeting is now under way. Around 200 people representing governments, international agencies, civil society and the private sector have gathered for two days to discuss creating enabling environments for the use of ICTs as a tool for development. This morning was dedicated to a series of panel sessions. A government representative from Mozambique discussed his country´s technology policy, and the importance of creating an environment in which ICTs can be embraced as a tool for development without neglecting other development goals. Italy´s technology minister discussed the country´s focus on e-government in its development projects around the world.

Later today there will be break-out sessions on several topics. I plan to attend one on financing mechanisms for bridging the digital divide. Then tomorrow we will hear reports from the other sessions before wrapping up the meeting. In the meantime, Susanne is somewhere in Berlin, hopefully enjoying herself despite the drop in temperatures and the morning rain, which might have let up by now if I could only see outside….

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