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April 12, 2008

Social Networking and Education: My Keynote at the UMB School of Nursing

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This week I gave a talk at the University of Maryland/Baltimore’s School of Networking Nursing on the role of social networking in education. I took a look at the history of online communities and the role educators have played in their development, as well as what tools are being used by teachers today – in particular, do-it-yourself social networking tools like Ning. I also talked a bit about new tools like Twitter, Qik and Utterz. Here’s the Powerpoint:

You can also download an MP3 of the audio.

March 11, 2008

Live-Tweeting SXSW: Should Video Games Replace College?

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For those of you following my Twitter posts from SXSW, you know I’ve been trying to live-tweet the sessions I’m attending. So I thought I’d pull together all of my tweets for each session and make them available as a transcript on my blog, so they can be read more easily.
Here’s the transcript for the session “Should Video Games Replace College?” Michael Anderson of the University of Texas System TeleCampus moderated the panel, and it also featured Aliza Gold of the UT/Austin Digital Media Collaborative, high school student Karen Lin and game developer Mike McShaffry.


November 10, 2007

Classroom Documentaries and the Mechanics of Storytelling

Filed under: Edtech — Andy Carvin @ 12:20 pm

Right now I’m at PodCamp EDU, a teach-in at American University for teachers to learn about podcasting and video blogging. There are around 80 people in attendance, most of whom are new to media production. I just finished a 90-minute workshop about taking documentary film techniques and translating it into a K-12 environment. This includes taking the many roles associated with production, like researchers, producers, writers, camerapeople, etc, and distilling them into small teams of students; the production process; interviewing and shooting techniques; editing tricks like music and pacing, etc. I’ve posted a PowerPoint of my presentation, and hope to do the same of the audio once I get a hold of it.

July 18, 2007

Presenting at the JFK Presidential Library

Filed under: Citizen Journalism,Edtech,Election 2.0,Media & Politics — Andy Carvin @ 7:43 pm

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to the airport at the crack of dawn for a quick daytrip to Boston. I’ll be giving a speech at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library on the impact of Web 2.0 and social media on journalism, particularly coverage of election 2008. Here’s a draft of the powerpoint presentation I plan to share with the audience. I wish I could stay longer, particularly because the Open Society Institute is convening a forum on youth media in Cambridge, with some of my favorite people and thinkers, including Ethan Zuckerman, Dina Mehta, Jennifer Corriero and Danah Boyd. Unfortunately, as soon as my speech is done, I need to bury my head in proposal writing and related meetings. Such is life…. -andy

June 29, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidates Discuss the Digital Divide

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Democratic candidates Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel discuss the digital divide in the spin room following the June 28, 2007 presidential debate at Howard University.
Formats available: mp4, mobile

June 6, 2007

Julie Amero Granted New Trial

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Breaking news from Connecticut, reported by the Norwich Bulletin:

Judge Hillary Strackbein this morning granted a motion for a new trial for Julie Amero. The judge’s decision is based on evidence that shows some of the computer evidence shown at court was inaccurate. A new trail date has not been set. Amero has entered a not guilty plea.

Amero was convicted last January of exposing minors to pornography when she was a substitute teacher for a classroom in October 2004. Prosecutors convinced a jury she did it on purpose, but subsequent analysis by Internet security experts suggested she was a victim of malware. Yesterday, Amero’s attorney, William Dow, put forth a motion for a new trial:

The state and the defense now possess additional forensic evidence concerning the history of the computer’s use both before and after the alleged incident. Had that information been available to the state at the time of the trial, the state … would not have urged the jury to reach certain inaccurate conclusions regarding … the alleged purposeful access to offensive Web sites. In the interests of justice, the jury’s verdict must be set aside.

With the new trial, Amero will have a chance to present the new evidence. The saga continues…. -andy
UPDATE 1: Prosecutor admitted “some erroneous information” may have been presented at trial. The judge added that the possibility of inaccurate evidence, “entitles to a new trial in the interest of justice.” Smiling with her attorney, Amero told reporters, “I feel very comfortable with the decision.”
UPDATE 2: I’ve written more about today’s decision on my PBS blog. The local Fox affiliate has

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